Impressed by the elegant tradition.

Guest room

With the traditional hospitality and beautiful scenery
that have been passed down since our establishment,
Please spend a blissful time.
We choose certain delicious tastes according to the season,
Seasonal ingredients with various seasonal colors decorated in elegant vessels
in which you smack one's lips to fruits of the earth.
Leave yourself to the slowly flowing time
In the rooms that are full of flowers and relaxing seasons
Please have a peaceful time with a traditional atmosphere

Sushi seats

Sushi counter seats: 2-8 people
This is a counter where you can eat fresh sushi sent directly from fish markets such as Toyosu.
Experienced sushi chef makes sushi right in front of you. Enjoy the taste of authentic sushi.

◆Seat type◆
Counter seats

◆Number of people◆
2 to 8 people
*A sushi chef holds sushi in front of you.

Maruyama Room

Maruyama-Maruyama room
It is a table seat where you can feel the warmth of wood. At lunch time, it is crowded with customers who enjoy
the lunch menu. Please feel free to use it for meals with family and friends.

◆Table seats: 2 to 24 people

Daitoku-an's room

Daitoku-an's room ◆ Private room for entertainers: 7 to 10 people
It is a table seat in the back of the 2nd floor. A large earthenware is displayed at the entrance of the room, and it
is a space where you can fully feel the "Japanese style".

◆Seat type◆
Table seat * Completely private room

◆Number of people◆
7 to 10 people

◆Room charges◆
3,300 yen

Togao's room / Kitayama's room

Togao's room / Kitayama's room◆ Private room for entertainers: 2 to 6 people
It is a table seat on the right hand side of the 2nd floor.
When opening the Fusuma-sliding door, it is an elegant private room with a great view of Japanese-style yard.

◆Seat type◆
Table seat * Completely private room

◆Number of people◆
2 to 6 people

◆Room charges◆
Toga no Tane Room: 2,200yen
Kitayama room: 2,200yen
Kitayama's room + Togao's room: 4,400 yen
*You can also use it by connecting the seats of Kitayama and Togano.

Nishiki's room/Momoyama's room

Nishiki's room/Momoyama's room◆Private room for small groups: 2 to 5 people
It is a table seat in the back of the first floor.
There is "Kotono-ma"nearby and you can enjoy your meal while listening to live koto music.

◆Seat type◆
Table seat * Completely private room

◆Number of people◆
2 to 5 people

◆Room charges◆
Nishiki's room: 1,100 yen
Momoyama room: 1,100 yen
Nishiki's room + Momoyama's room: 2,200 yen
*You can also use by connecting the seats of Nishiki and Momoyama.

Kogou room

Kogou room◆Private room for entertainers: 2 to 4 people
It is a horigodatu seat on the first floor. It is a room where you can stretch your legs and relax to the full.

◆Seat type◆
Horigodatu seat * Completely private room

◆Number of people◆
2 to 4 people

◆Room charges◆
1,100 yen

Yasaka/Kyogoku room

Yasaka/Kyogoku's room ◆Ballroom: 20-50 people
This is a tatami room for large-scale parties.
Boasting the larges room in our restaurant, you can relax in a spacious space. You can invite Koto players to
your room and listen to live music. Please enjoy the taste and hospitality of an authentic restaurant.

◆ Charter type ◆
banquet hall

◆Number of people◆
20 to 50 people

◆ Charter conditions ◆
Please contact the restaurant directly

◆Room charges◆
Yasaka room: 5,500 yen
Kyogoku room: 3,300 yen
Yasaka + Kyogoku room: 8,800 yen

◆Facilities and services◆
There is a microphone. Companion can be arranged
*Please contact the restaurant directly to use the facilities and services