2. Other multi-course meals

Other multi-course meals

<<Other multi-course meals>>

*Tax-included price.
*For meals and casual meetings with friends.

Katsura Zen

2,860 yen *with dessert

*A well-balanced menu and popular as a “night meal”


3,960 yen *with dessert

* “Luxury Gozen” where you can enjoy both sushi and steak


4,290 yen *with dessert

*A “mini kaiseki” recommended for women

Premium suzhi-zen

4,510 yen *with dessert

*We started as a sushi restaurant and have the spirit of Edokko. Fresh sushi, seasonal kaiseki soup, and tempura are also provided.


4,510 yen *with dessert

※`Ichinozen” kobachi, stone grilled steak, assortment of sliced raw fish.
“Ninozen” Kuchidori, boiled food, grilled food, fried food. You can enjoy various dishes.
Additional meat 770 yen

Ebisu Zen

4,950 yen *with dessert

* stone grilled steak, assortment of sliced raw fish, tempura, and sushi. You can enjoy all the popularity of Japanese food.
Additional meat 880 yen


1,760 yen

<> Sushi, fried chicken, chawanmushi, seasonal dessert, ice cream.


Premium Kids-zen

2,750 yen

<> Sushi, fried chicken, Chawanmushi, stone grilled steak, seasonal dessert, Ice cream

☆Kids-Gozen comes with salmon roe ship roll, tuna nigiri sushi, and rolled sushi.
For rolled sushi, please choose “one type” from the following.
・Tuna・minced tuna roll・egg・natto・cucumber・pickled vegetables・ume・kanpyo


《Edo Party Course》

Edo Party Course *standard/special/premium

We have prepared a luxurious and tasteful time.

[Standard course]

15,400 yen

13 dishes, all-you-can-drink, souvenir (thick sushi roll)

[Special course]

13,200 yen

12 dishes, all-you-can-drink, souvenir (thick sushi roll)

[Premium course]

11,000 yen

10 dishes, all you can drink, souvenir (thick sushi roll)
*Tax, room charge and service charge included
※2 hours

◆◇ 1 person (Kimono costume) Flower fee 33,000 yen ◇◆ (Additional charge)

* Including hair and transportation fees.
*A reservation will be made after confirming the inquiry. Please have it done as soon as possible.
※We accept banquet course from 2 people. Tax included. 2 hours.


《Edomae Sushi》

Special Nigiri-sushi

3,080 yen

Premium Nigiri-sushi

4,070 yen

Special chirashi-sushi

3,520 yen

We also make sushi on request.

☆ Nigiri-sushi 1 piece 275 yen~ ☆ 1 roll-sushi 418 yen~

When ordering, we will bring an order slip, so please ask for it to our staff.

【Nigiri-sushi】Salmon,egg,red turnip,Tuna,horse mackerel,mackerel,shrimp,squid,scallop,Medium-fatty tuna,salmon roe,etc…
【Sushi roll】natto,kanpyo,cucumber,Red tuna,Conger-eel,pickled vegetables,minced tuna roll,etc…

Special thick sushi roll

One roll 1,870 yen

Oboro, dried bonito, shrimp, egg, cucumber, prawn, kanpyo, shiitake mushroom, conger eel, mitsuba.
Total of 10 kinds of ingredients

One roll 2,343 yen

“Crab, pickles, burdock” is added to the thick roll above.

☆We provide one roll cut into eight.We can also cut it into four pieces.
☆ It may take some time, so please let us know earlier when placing an order.

We also accept it as a “souvenir” for your home or customers.


◆Reservations can be made from 2 people in which price of food /per person should be over 4,620 yen.
◆If you like, you can change the rice, soup, and pickles to sushi by adding 1,210 yen, and can change it to steamed rice with red beans by adding 715 yen.
◆Beverages, service charges and room charges will be charged separately.
◆Banquet time is 2 hours.
◆Please tell us about allergies when making a reservation.
◆All-you-can-drink is available from 4 people. Please contact us for more information.

Other multi-course meals
Other multi-course meals
2,860 yen (tax-included) ~
Edomae Sushi
3,080 yen (tax-included) ~
1,760 yen (tax-included) ~