Impressed by the deliciousness, luxurious food in season.

Kaiseki cuisine

With the traditional hospitality and beautiful scenery
that have been passed down since our establishment,
Please spend a blissful time.
We choose certain delicious tastes according to the season,
Seasonal ingredients with various seasonal colors decorated in elegant vessels
in which you smack one's lips to fruits of the earth.
Leave yourself to the slowly flowing time
A tasteful tatami room, large and small private rooms
A large hall that can accommodate up to 50 people.
In the rooms that are full of flowers and relaxing seasons
Please have a peaceful time with a traditional atmosphere

Traditional Kaiseki cuisine.

Enjoy traditional hospitality, luxurious relaxation, regional cuisine and delicious local sake using many local
Gozen, which you can eat while feeling the breath of nature in an open space, has a splendid beauty.
Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and instead please spend a supreme moment.