Established in Taisho 10

Sukiya style of building with elegant appearance
With carefully selected seasonal ingredients and proven chef skills
We welcome many customers.

Intangible cultural heritage Japanese food(Wasyoku)

Japanese food recognized by the world
To convey the traditional spiritual culture to children
That is our wish.

Koto live music

With a live performance by a Koto player
We welcome our customers
While listening to a clear and beautiful tone
Please enjoy our meal.










“Sashimi-zen” where you can enjoy plenty of fresh sashimi
"Wagyu steak-zen" using carefully selected domestic beef
We also have various lunch menu.

"Weekly recommended lunch" where you can fully enjoy the season
"Wagyu steak-zen" where you can enjoy juicy meat
Assorted tempura fried with seasonal ingredients carefully selected by the chef

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Kaiseki cuisine

Kaiseki cuisine

Professional skills shown by chefs

Proud kaiseki cuisine prepared by the chefs who have experienced at famous restaurants all over Japan.
We offer seasonal dishes using only carefully selected ingredients from each season.
Please enjoy the kaiseki cuisine prepared with all our heart to the full.

At a long-established restaurant, which was founded in 1926
We use luxury seasonal ingredients
Please enjoy our authentic kaiseki.

 ※Contents may change depending on the season.

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Introduction of restaurant

Introduction of restaurant

Information in our restaurant

Inside our restaurant
While time goes by but with same appearance of restaurant,
Our guest room in Sukiya style and the seasonal view seen from window
provide refined and wonderful time.

Depending on the number of people, we have prepared a tatami room that can accommodate up to 80 people. Useful for not only private, but also large and small banquets, gatherings, and entertainment.
A Japanese table set is available in the tatami room on the 2nd floor.

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